DIGITAL PHOTO RESTORATION:  That's ALL we do !    So we HAVE to be good at it !

Welcome to PhotoValet - a team of digital restorers operating from a base in Kensington, London, UK. Operating for over ten years, the team has restored or enhanced literally many hundreds of photos. We work on scanned copies of the originals, putting the original at no risk. The scans are worked on in the computer to produce a new digital version from which a new print can be made.

We examine your photos and give you a firm quotation for you to consider. Once you have accepted, we do the work and send you a proof. You don't have to pay anything until you have seen a proof that you are happy with.

Here's John Butler, PhotoValet's Editor-in-Chief, examining a customer's  photo  in  order to give her a quotation.

This was at the "Who Do You Think You Are" exhibition at Olympia, London.


On this site you will see many examples of photo restorations. People are often surprised at what can be achieved. Even if your damaged photos are in a worse state than these examples,  get your photos to us and let us advise you on getting your photos restored and how much it will cost to bring your old photos back to life.

Please note the indicated prices shown have not been updated for a few years. Current prices will be a bit higher. Ask for a quotation.

We are showing you some of the more difficult (and hence more expensive) photo restorations. But many old photos can be restored at much lower cost. Email us at to get advice and a no-obligation quotation. The prices given on these pages are only rough indications - we need to see your photo to be able to give you a firm quotation. And remember that you don't pay anything until you have seen the finished job and are happy with it.

And don't be worried that your photo may be too large for us to handle. We can scan up to A3 size in one go. And for even larger photos, we can scan them in overlapping sections and join the scans together in the computer. And once an image is in the computer, the physical size is irrelevant.

The centre of our operations is in Kensington, London. Please email us for the full postal address or details of how to deliver photos to us by hand. (There is a reception desk open 24 hours a day.) We can meet you and talk about what can be done with your photos.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your digital photo needs.



1. You get the photo(s) to us.details

2. We send you a quotation (no obligation).

3. You accept the quotation.

4. We do the work and send you proofs to review.

5. When happy with the proofs, you pay via the website.

6. We send you the final images by email (or on a CD).

Restoration of Scratched Photos

Restoration of Faded Photos

Photo scratches that are not too difficult to repair can be restored for about £10 to £15 depending on the work to be done.

A single photo scratch might only cost £5.

See more examples of torn photos here


You often need old photos restored because of faded colours. If the fading is evenly spread over the photo, the restoration is cheaper.

The cost to restore faded photos might be in the range of £10 to £30.

See more examples of faded photos here


This old photo of a fine soldierly grandfather had nearly faded away entirely. It was a time-consuming job. Getting photos restored like this, might cost  about £50-£60.


Major photo restoration


The BBC television programme:  "Who Do You Think You Are?" dedicated to the family roots of Kim Cattrall  included this photo, restored by PhotoValet.

Photos like this involve a fairly major photo restoration and could cost from £30 to £70



              Restoration of torn photos                                 


Torn photos
where pieces are missing, because of water damage or other deterioration can often
 be very successfully restored. Depending on how much damage there is, to repair photographs like this might cost in the
range of £30 - £60.

See more examples of water damaged photos here.


There are many other examples and price indications on the other pages of this website. In particular, it is worth visiting our webpage on colourising to see how we can add colour to black and white photos.

  This is an example of a colourised photo.
The customer gave us guidance on the
colours to be used in the restoration
and was very pleased with the result.
The cost of colourising depends very
much on how many individual areas
there are to be coloured.  Let us see
your photo and we will give you
a quotation, with no obligation.


 Partial photo restoration

 And of course, it may be that you
 don't need
to restore the whole of a
 photo. A portrait can be made from
 part of a photo, removing those
parts that are not crucial .

And all those annoying fingerprints
 that have accumulated over the
 years can be removed at the same time.


And the BLOG page contains very recent examples of photo restoration work we have done. You may see photo damage very similar to that on your photos. But even if you don't, we can probably repair it.

To find out how to go about restoring your photos, go to the How to Order page, which will provide detailed instructions. Or email us now with your photo restoration questions.



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